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Ain't She Sweet
Pattie's Bio

Pattie was born on March 17, 1945. Growing up, Pattie was close to sister, Helen. Helen's nickname, Jenny, was from one of Pattie's dolls. While growing up, The Boyd family moved to Africa, and came back when Pattie was a teenager. She entered a modelling school and soon was going around the world to model. She was in some ads and got a role in A Hard Day's Night through Richard Lester. She didn't have a very big role in the movie, however. Pattie met George Harrison while acting, and they became a couple soon after. Pattie and George married in 1966 and got divorced in 1977. But at one point during their marrige, Pattie became very angry at George's infidelity and had an affair with Eric Clapton. She didn't mean for it to mean anything, but Clapton became attached to her. After her divorce from George, Pattie married Eric in 1979. They had many problems, and divorced in 1989. Pattie started to get involved in charity and continued to do so.

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